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Can remote monitoring tech keep nursing home residents safe?

by | Aug 24, 2023 | Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reported about half of all nursing home residents experience a fall each year. Other accidents also occur at alarming rates.

By harnessing the capabilities of remote monitoring technology, facilities can provide residents with an extra layer of safety and care to residents.

Fall prevention

Remote monitoring technology utilizes motion sensors and wearable devices to detect unusual movements or sudden changes in activity patterns. Staff can promptly respond to alerts, preventing potential falls or providing immediate assistance when an accident occurs.

Health tracking

Monitoring residents’ vital signs and health conditions remotely allows caregivers to identify any deviations from normal patterns. Heart rate monitors, blood pressure cuffs and other devices can transmit real-time data to enable early intervention and proactive management of health issues.

Medication management

Administering medications accurately is a constant challenge in nursing homes. Remote monitoring technology can include medication dispensers equipped with alarms and notifications. Caregivers can ensure that residents take the right medications at the right time, reducing the risk of errors or oversights.

Wandering detection

Some residents might experience confusion or memory issues, leading to wandering behavior. GPS tracking or sensors can alert staff if a resident moves outside designated areas. This prevents residents from getting lost or encountering potentially hazardous situations.

Emergency response

In the event of a medical emergency, response time is incredibly important. Systems can integrate with emergency call buttons or voice communication devices to allow residents the ability to request assistance instantly, ensuring that help arrives promptly.

Data-driven care

Remote systems can also provide a wealth of data for analysis to improve care strategies. By identifying trends and patterns, nursing homes can tailor their approach to better meet residents’ needs and anticipate potential safety risks.

Implementing remote monitoring technology in nursing homes requires careful consideration of residents’ privacy and consent. However, it can also transform the landscape of care by bolstering residents’ safety and well-being.