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Over $1 Billion Recovered In Mass Torts, Class Actions, Nursing Home & Personal Injury Claims

A Proven Record In Mass Torts And Class Action Claims

Personal injury cases typically involve harm to an individual. In some situations, however, many people experience the same harm – due to a dangerous product or chemical exposure, for example. In these situations, a mass tort or class action claim is an avenue for everyone who was harmed in a similar way, by the same negligent party, to get the adequate compensation they deserve.

Few lawyers handle class action or mass tort claims due to their complexity. At Reddick Law, we have extensive experience in this area – and over $1 billion in results to show for it. Our lawyers have many decades of experience that they apply to navigate the challenges of these cases. Because of the often far-reaching nature of these claims, we are licensed in 17 states and have the capability to handle them across the nation.

What Is A Mass Tort?

Mass tort claims are essentially numerous personal injury claims combined into one lawsuit against the party who wronged all of them. Each injured party in a mass tort must prove that they were harmed by the defendant. Typically, mass tort cases involve fewer injured parties than class actions, and they require meticulous preparation to place each individual’s claim on strong footing.

What Is A Class Action?

A class action usually involves far more injured people than mass tort claims. However, only one serves as the representative for all of the people injured in the same (or similar) way by the same negligent parties. A settlement or verdict will provide compensation to all class members who were harmed.

Current Mass Tort And Class Action Cases

Our firm is involved in ongoing litigation involving:

  • Sleep apnea machines: We represent people who have been injured by defective devices.
  • Opioids: We are working to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for the extensive and often fatal harm caused by opioids.
  • Camp Lejeune: Our team represents military service members, their families and others who were harmed by contaminated drinking water at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.

We are seeking other types of class action and mass tort claims, such as those involving:

  • Dangerous or defective products: Product liability claims can be handled as class action claims when defects impact a large number of consumers, particularly when the harm results from large-scale design or manufacturing defects.
  • Mass transit accidents: These lawsuits stem from tragic accidents that harm numerous people – for example, bus crashes, train wrecks and the like.
  • Nursing home abuse: Mistreatment in a nursing home or assisted care facility is often systemic, and multiple residents may have been harmed by it.

Our attorneys approach each case with the skill, diligence and preparation it takes to pursue a successful outcome.

Class Action Results

  • $71,772,696 Settlement
  • $8,400,000 Settlement

Reddick Law attorneys have successfully represented hundreds of clients in class action cases against nursing homes, recovering over $80 million on their behalf. In each case, Reddick Law attorneys successfully argued that class members were harmed by the chronic understaffing policies of the nursing homes. The residents and their families were promised that the nursing homes would provide the care necessary to meet the resident’s needs and to achieve the highest quality of life possible under the circumstances. Reddick Law attorneys were able to prove that the Defendants’ understaffing practices resulting in inexcusable injuries, deaths, and suffering amounted to a breach of their contracts and violations of the Arkansas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

Where a typical nursing home case at Reddick Law deals with seeking justice for clients after they have experienced a tragedy, these class action cases represent our commitment to preventing harm before it occurs by penalizing the owners and operators of nursing homes who do not staff their facilities with enough caregivers to meet the needs of their residents.

Learn More About Our Mass Tort And Class Action Practice

Whether you are an individual harmed by negligence that also impacted others, or you are a lawyer seeking assistance with a class action or mass tort claim, we can help. Please reach out to us through our website or by phone at 877-930-2080. We have convenient offices in Colorado, New Mexico and Arkansas, and we handle these cases nationwide.