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Broken bones can increase the risk Of death for nursing home residents

by | Jun 22, 2023 | Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

When you deal with finding your loved one a nursing home in their old age, worries about harm befalling them may leave you feeling stressed. This includes both abuse and neglect, which can negatively impact older people more since they tend to be physically and psychologically vulnerable.

Dealing with broken bones after a fall in a nursing home can leave your elderly loved one in pain and increase the likelihood of death. Learning about why this injury can seriously impact their health even years after is important.

Understanding the lingering problems with a fracture

According to the Endocrine Society, hip fractures and other kinds of fractures can leave older people at a heightened risk of death. It may even be ten years or more before this risk finally disappears for those with hip fractures.

Fractures in the pelvis, lower leg or femur may need up to five years before the risk goes down enough for you to notice a difference. Staying vigilant about your loved one’s health and mobility in the years following this accident is important, especially when they are in a nursing home.

Realizing the issues regarding nursing homes

If staff members behave roughly or mistreat an older person, it can influence how they act when they suffer from pain. When residents feel scared of the people in charge, they may not reach out for help or seek medical attention right away.

This delay is possibly deadly when it comes to an injury or other medical concern on top of a fracture or broken bone. Learning about how staff at nursing homes can put your loved ones in danger is part of protecting older adults.