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Is your loved one’s nursing home not being properly cleaned?

by | Apr 20, 2023 | Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

Poor hygiene in a nursing home is a serious issue. This is because people in this type of facility tend to have more compromised immune systems and can fall ill due to uncleanliness easier.

In these conditions, germs can spread much faster and endanger other residents.

The problem of poor hygiene

Residents at nursing homes usually have health issues, to begin with. That means their immune systems cannot handle germs resulting from poor hygiene. These can pass through the residents via staff members. That usually occurs in understaffed facilities.

Standard care activities

Staff members care for residents, including their cleanliness. That includes various activities, such as going to the bathroom, changing clothes, changing diapers, changing bandages, brushing teeth and maintaining clean facilities.

Warning signs of uncleanliness

Any dirty areas are a potential for germs to grow. One big warning sign is unclean showers, tubs and other bathroom facilities. These can quickly spread germs among residents. Another significant warning sign is dirty areas where staff members prepare or serve food and where residents eat. That includes tables, chairs and dishes.

Understaffing issues

A lot of times, uncleanliness at these facilities is due to understaffing. When the staff rush because there are not enough to care for all residents properly, they skip basic hygienic practices, like hand washing. That can spread germs faster among residents. So when comparing nursing homes, check to see if they have enough staff.

People can file lawsuits against unclean nursing home facilities. Poor hygiene counts as neglect. Therefore, these facilities can receive neglect charges. Cases can also occur due to illnesses due to hygiene issues. Finally, they can occur due to understaffing issues that potentially neglect residents.