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Fighting bedsores with 3D printers

by | Apr 29, 2023 | Bedsores, Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

Modern medicine and technology can do wonders in making daily life easier and more comfortable for those with disabilities. Some obstacles are difficult to overcome though – even the most ergonomic of wheelchairs can leave a person with painful bedsores after prolonged use.

The good news is that recent innovations in 3D printer technology might make bedsores a thing of the past for wheelchair users. If you or a family member has bedsores, or is at risk of sustaining bedsores, then you can benefit from learning about how you can fight bedsores with 3D printers.

How can 3D printers prevent bedsores?

Swiss technology innovation center CSEM, along with the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation, developed a 3D-printed medical-grade cushion for wheelchairs. The special design of the cushion features a lattice structure for breathability and weight optimization. This is not the first cushion that can boast the ability to prevent bedsores for wheelchair users, but the potential to mass produce such a cushion through 3D printing can make them much more affordable and accessible.

What causes bedsores?

Bedsores are pressure ulcers from prolonged pressure to certain areas of the skin, such as when one sits in a wheelchair or lies in bed for long periods without moving. If you have a loved one in an assisted living facility, bedsores can be an indication that the facility’s staff is being neglectful in preventing such painful injuries.

While a specially-designed cushion can prevent bedsores for individuals and loved ones who frequently use a wheelchair, it is not an end-all-be-all solution against nursing home neglect. If you have a loved one who is a victim of abuse in a nursing home, additional legal action may be necessary.