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Did Hixson Nursing Home put profits over the care of residents?

by | Apr 5, 2023 | Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

New Beginnings Care, LLC, the parent company of Hixson Nursing Home, faced claims of neglect and insufficient care leading to the death of a 43-year-old male patient. His widow filed the lawsuit, which was promptly delayed by a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case filed by the managing members.

This is not the first claim of mistreatment nor the only indication of impropriety by this company.

A history of substandard care

The facilities owned by New Beginnings Care, LLC have a history of substandard patient care. Understaffing in facilities to cut costs led to slow and no response to patients, including patients left with bedsores, infections from feeding tubes and drainage tubes left too long and failure to pay nursing services and staff in a timely manner. State inspectors closed facilities in several states after identifying violations.

Family members drawing large sums

In 2015, the same year that New Beginnings Care, LLC filed its bankruptcy case, the two managing members of the company paid themselves nearly $700,000 in compensation out of the company’s accounts. Close family members, including both members’ spouses and children, received several hundred thousand dollars in compensation. Both managing members drove Porches paid for out of company funds until the bankruptcy required them to surrender or liquidate them.

The financial management of the company shows misguided priorities where the managing members were prioritizing their own profits over patient care. Inspector reports and facility shutdowns, nursing agency payment problems, wrongful death and neglect claims paint a grim picture of the company’s operations.