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How to protect your child against social media addiction

by | Mar 24, 2023 | Social Media Addiction

Did you know that many social media activities, such as watching TikTok videos and playing games, stimulate the same part of the brain that other addictive behaviors, such as drinking or drugs, stimulate? These activities can give your children a sense of euphoria or satisfaction.

Social media has a significant impact on teens. Nearly 97% use at least one platform regularly, while others are on the internet nearly all the time. This can cause or is a sign of major addiction, but you can protect your teens from social media addiction.

Open the lines of communication

Sit your teens down and talk about social media. Discuss their usage habits. You should also encourage their openness about how different scenarios make them feel, but remind them that social media does not accurately reflect real life. Do not forget to discuss your expectations and desires with regard to their time online.

Encourage their hobbies

Encourage your teens to take up other hobbies. Encourage them to play sports, read, sew, garden or do any other activity that they find enjoyable. If you or your teens’ friends also participate, ensure they stay off social media while they do these activities. The key is to stop your teens from using social media as a tool to prevent boredom or procrastinate on tasks they do not like.

Set limits

You are the parent, and it is your responsibility to set limits so social media and online activities do not become your teen’s life. Make sure your children stay off their accounts during school, homework time, family activities, chores, sleep and face-to-face activities. Remove electronics from bedrooms throughout your home.

Remember that the best way to help your children is to give them a good example to follow. Therefore, avoid violating your own rules and instructions.