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Can social media use cause depression?

by | Mar 11, 2023 | Social Media Addiction

With the advent of social media, many people wonder if it plays a role in the increased number of people with depression.

A recent study indicates a direct link between depression and social media usage for all personality types. This correlation may happen for numerous reasons.

1. Fear of missing out

Humans naturally want to feel connected. Although social media brings people together virtually, the need for interactions often takes away from living in the moment. As people prioritize checking posts from friends or wonder why they did not get an invite to a party, it increases the chances of feeling isolated.

2. Loss of self-esteem

Following celebrities and influencers lets people stay on top of recent trends, but it also creates an unreal image of people. Those influencers use countless filters, have a team of makeup artists and alter photos to create an unreal image. Especially for teenage girls and young women, constant comparison creates body image issues and a loss of self-confidence, which often leads to depression.

3. Less focus on healthy living

As people scroll through their phones, five minutes easily turn into an hour. The growing desire to stay in the loop begins to lead to losing sleep, being less active and developing concentration issues. Eventually, not focusing on living a healthy lifestyle starts to take its toll both physically and mentally.

Social media has solidified itself as a staple in modern culture. Unfortunately, it comes with side effects, known and unknown, that have a great impact on daily life.