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Is Dementia the Cause Of Increased Arrest Rates Among Senior Citizens?

by | Jan 30, 2023 | Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

As your loved ones age, memory conditions may play a significant role in their behavior and decision-making. Dementia and similar disorders can cause symptoms that might increase a person’s likelihood of getting arrested.

Common side effects of memory conditions, such as poor judgment and aggressive behavior, can impact a loved one’s ability to navigate sensitive situations. Here are some ways suffering from a memory disorder could result in higher arrest rates for older adults.

Compromised Judgment

A loved one with dementia might commit a crime or otherwise require police interference when experiencing a momentary lapse in judgment. In addition to memory loss and confusion, poor judgment is a common symptom of dementia, often leading patients to respond in unpredictable ways when faced with familiar or unfamiliar circumstances.

Aggressive Behavior

Aggression can turn a simple misunderstanding into a complex and stressful legal conflict. Loved ones suffering from a memory condition might lash out when they feel confused, frustrated or afraid. Even seemingly harmless incidents could result in police involvement or an arrest:

  • Staff or caregivers unable to manage an agitated patient
  • Nursing home residents involved in physical altercations
  • Patients struggling to respond to a stressful situation

These situations can quickly get out of hand and may lead to an arrest if a patient continues to be aggressive when interacting with the police.

Dementia and other memory conditions can make it difficult for your loved one to avoid escalation when faced with challenging situations. Understanding how these conditions might contribute to increased arrest rates among seniors can provide a valuable perspective.