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Femoral neck injury is a serious problem for elderly people. What is it?

by | Oct 19, 2022 | Personal Injury

The body’s femoral neck is the joint where the femur connects into the hip socket and pelvis.

A femoral neck injury is the most common type of hip fracture among elderly individuals.

Individuals over 50 are the most at-risk

According to and data established by the National Library of Medicine, over 90 percent of femoral neck injuries occur in those in middle age or older. This is likely the result of inadequate bone density or a complication from previous surgery. These injuries most commonly occur in women, but men are at risk as well.

Symptoms and diagnosis provide context and goals

The first pain you will likely feel if you have suffered this injury is pain in the groin that gets worse when you put your weight on one leg. Groin pain may precede the actual injury, after which the pain gets worse. It may seem that one leg is longer than the other, and you may have difficulty walking or balancing. If you are experiencing these symptoms, a doctor or specialist can diagnose your injury with X-rays, CT scans or bone scans.

Treatment strategies lessen the pain and repair the break

Surgery, pain medication and rehabilitation are all usually necessary after a femoral neck injury. You will likely need immediate surgery to correct this problem. The longer it goes unaddressed, the worse it will get, which could result in paralysis. A doctor may also prescribe osteoporosis medication such as bisphosphonates to increase bone density and reduce the likelihood of a repeat fracture.  Notice your risk factors and symptoms, then contact your care team for next steps.