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What is the role of a director at a nursing home?

by | Jun 28, 2022 | Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

If you are thinking it may be time to move your aging parents into a nursing home, you may be visiting facilities sooner than you expect. When you do, you are likely to meet the director. This individual is ultimately responsible for both clinical care and business decisions at the facility.

Like with many other industries, there is a critical shortage of nursing home employees in the U.S. This has caused directors to assume other roles inside their facilities. For example, according to Skilled Nursing News, directors may fill in as nurses, nursing assistants or even cooks.

Staffing shortages

Because nursing homes across the country are struggling to fill vacant positions, many nursing home directors are likely to be busier than ever. This may lead to problems with care, unfortunately. After all, overworked directors of nursing homes simply may not have sufficient time to manage their facilities appropriately.

Oversight challenges

The buck must stop with nursing home directors. If you have concerns about the care your elderly parents are receiving at the facility, you should be able to expect the director to investigate and address them. Still, as directors try to keep their facilities afloat, they may have limited time for oversight. It even may be difficult to get a returned phone call or e-mail.

When you are visiting prospective nursing homes to find the best place for your parents, it is advisable to gauge the availability of the director. Ultimately, if a director seems to have too much on his or her plate, the nursing home probably is not a good fit for your mother and father.