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When should a resident be moved from assisted living to a nursing home?

by | May 27, 2022 | Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

Moving a loved one to a nursing home is a challenging decision, particularly if the aging adult is happy with residence in an assisted living facility.

There are several reasons why it is in your loved one’s best interest to relocate to a skilled care facility.

There is a decline in health

The aging process takes a toll on the body, often leading to an individual making numerous trips to the hospital or a rehabilitation facility. Recurrent infections, the inability to rehabilitate after surgery or a frequent need to treat chronic conditions shows a decline in health. A nursing home is more equipped to handle these situations both with personnel on-site and treatment equipment.

The individual’s care-level increases

Neurological conditions like dementia or other degenerative illnesses increase the physical and mental assistance an elderly individual requires.  When the individual requires additional medical equipment or safety features to maintain the highest standard of possible care, it is time to consider moving your loved one to a nursing home. The level of experience and training between these facilities is vastly different, with nursing home personnel able to administer the level of care necessary.

Independent living is impractical

Assistance with eating, dressing, grooming and bathing increases as individuals age or as medical conditions progress. Leaving a loved one to care for their own immediate needs becomes impractical, as assisted living facilities provide minimal monitoring and assistance.

Circumstances can lead to an individual transitioning from semi-independent living to a nursing home. This change is often necessary for the safety and health of your loved one.