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Suicide risk for nursing home residents

by | May 12, 2022 | Firm News

More and more these days, the news focuses on issues in nursing homes across the nation. But many people do not know that problems are so bad that there is an epidemic of increased suicide rates among adults over 50 years of age in nursing homes.

Studies happened across the board in an attempt to pinpoint some of the reasons for this increase. The results may seem surprising to some.

LTC as a factor in suicide increases

The National Library of Medicine discusses the risk of suicide in nursing homes. In specific, they made one possible tie between individuals who commit suicide in nursing homes or assisted living facilities and the anticipation of transitioning into long-term care (LTC).

In essence, the results found that LTC could prove an important point of engagement when it comes to lowering the suicide rates of individuals in assisted care or nursing homes.

Possible reasons for the increase

When looking for the reasons this occurred, several theories emerged. First, many people view entering LTC as the “end of their life”. They believe that they will lose all freedom, and with it, any reason to continue living.

Many also fear the horror stories told about the quality of life within LTC facilities. Many talk of feeling discarded by society, tossed aside and left on their own with no enrichment or connections in their lives.

On top of that, allegations of abuse within LTC homes continue making headlines, creating even more fear within the residents who may soon get sent to one of those very facilities.

It is important to address the issues LTC homes cause in order to reduce the rate of suicides among older adults already in care.