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Can assisted living facilities improve care with clinical trials?

by | May 25, 2022 | Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

These days, assisted living facilities and other forms of housing for the aging population have come under intense fire. As more of the population begins to age out and into these homes, the demand for better care continues to grow.

To that end, many facilities work to improve their care. But can clinical trials help with this improvement?

Focusing on assisted living via clinical trials

McKnights Senior Living examines the ways that long-term and assisted care can change through clinical trials. Studies note that assisted living tends to end up ignored when the umbrella of long-term care gets addressed. However, full partnership and networking may actually help to change this narrative and improve the care that assisted living facilities offers.

In particular, clinical trials seem to have shone the spotlight on this possibility in accordance with information emerging from a new report. This report, published recently in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Societyfocused on identifying the best practices and priorities for the pragmatic clinical trials revolving around long-term care. The focus also included patients living in such facilities with dementia.

What are the goals of clinical trials?

Recommendations aimed to facilitate the conduction of pragmatic trials in long-term care settings, with the goal of gaining widespread evidence-based change for the practice, policy and level and quality of care provided in these facilities.

Those involved in these projects are a crucial component for the overall improvement of quality of life in assisted living facilities. Everyone involved, from the patients themselves to the research partners and assisted living operators, contribute to clinical trials in a way that can help gather valuable information that will improve long-term care in the near future.