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How Does New Mexico Compare To Other States For Elder Abuse Protections?

by | Mar 7, 2022 | Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

If you put your aging parent in a nursing home, you want to ensure that the level of care and protection is high. When you suspect your parent may have become the victim of abuse or neglect, you want to take action to stop the maltreatment.

New Mexico’s state government has instituted a system to investigate abuse and neglect accusations against nursing homes. While some aspects of the unit may work, others fall short. What should you do if you suspect your parent is enduring abuse?

What constitutes elder abuse?

Nursing homes intend to provide quality care for a vulnerable swath of the population. While not everyone who works in a nursing home harms the residents, some do. Elder abuse occurs when a person or entity purposely exploits or neglects anyone considered a vulnerable adult. Examples of nursing home abuse include:

  • Physical contact that results in bruises or cuts
  • Not moving a bed-ridden patient to prevent pressure ulcers
  • Verbal assaults
  • Sexual contact

What protections does New Mexico have in place?

Where does New Mexico rank in protecting the vulnerable age population? WalletHub provides a ranking of all states in the way it tackles instances of elder abuse. According to the data compiled, New Mexico comes in at 42. While the state government began an initiative to investigate complaints against nursing homes, the program is still relatively new and may take time to get going. The program relies on active complaints, so if you have concerns, lodge them accordingly.

Taking care of your parent is a priority, especially in these later years. If you suspect abuse or neglect is happening, file a complaint and get help to keep your parent safe.