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Nursing Homes Vs. Assisted Living Facilities

by | Jan 3, 2022 | Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

As your parents’ age, they may end up at a point where they can no longer stay in their home because it is not safe for them. You will need to find a facility where they can live and get proper care to keep them safe and healthy.

The National Institute on Aging explains assisted living facilities and nursing homes both provide long-term care. They do differ in the specifics of Joe they operate, which may impact which one you choose.

Assisted living

An assisted living facility provides an independent living situation. The nursing staff is there to help whenever needed. Your parents will have monitoring for safety as well. However, the overall design is to allow your parents to live on their own in a community of other seniors. These facilities also offer more advanced levels of care that you can use as your parents’ age or develop other medical needs.

In short, assisted living is like your parents having their own home within a community with the addition of medical care on-site.

Nursing home

A nursing home is a less independent situation. It is usually for situations where your parents need more intensive care. Although, they do offer care at all levels. In a nursing home, your parent will have a room but usually will need to share it. In some facilities, your parents can stay together, but other facilities separate residents by gender.

The main thing about nursing homes is they offer more supervision and care. Your parent is consistently interacting with staff who can help with any need.

While the two types of facilities are quite different, the decision often comes down to cost. Nursing homes are more affordable than assisted living facilities in most cases.