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How Do I Report A Nursing Home To The Colorado Department Of Public Health Environment?

by | Nov 16, 2021 | Firm News

If you know someone within a nursing home, you may assume that he or she has the best possible care. At least, you want him or her to have quality care. What do you do if you find out otherwise? To handle nursing home abuse and neglect, you need to report the nursing home.

According to the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, anyone can file a complaint. You only need to have concern or knowledge of neglect within a nursing home. You can be a healthcare provider, family member or concerned citizen.

How can you file the complaint?

To file the complaint, you fill out the online complaint intake form. The form asks you for information about the parties the complaint involves, what happened, how it happened, when and where. You can email the form, mail the form or fax it. When you file the complaint, the investigators do not share your information unless you ask them to. Keep in mind that the nature of your complaint may give away your identity. If you plan to file anonymously, you need to provide enough information to investigate since the department cannot contact you later.

What happens following the complaint?

After you file, the Department of Public Health reviews the complaint. Sometimes, the department investigates at the facility but can also carry out investigations off-site. When the department arrives at the nursing home, staff members will investigate the patients, family members, staff and look through the nursing home’s records. However, when it comes to off-site investigations, the department reviews the healthcare facility’s records and conducts staff interviews.

When you do not file anonymously, you receive a summary of the investigation and a phone call.