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Would a nursing home try to bribe a judge to avoid paying compensation for harm to a resident?

by | Oct 3, 2021 | Uncategorized

Nursing home neglect and abuse is a serious problem in some facilities, but what happens when a state official tries to bribe a judge to lower a negligence case payout in exchange for personal and financial gain? Such was the case in Arkansas recently, as AP News reports that a former Republican senator faced several charges for such an offense and must soon undergo a retrial, as the previous trial ended in deadlock.

While the reason for the deadlock is not immediately clear, it likely leads those who have elderly loved ones in nursing homes to wonder if similar wrongdoings take place at those facilities and if those individuals remain at risk because of an official’s willingness to accept a bribe.

How serious is the risk?

Several of the individuals involved in the Arkansas fraud and bribe case were once lawmakers and guardians of the law; however, this does not put them above it. The judge accused of accepting a bribe and lowering a financial reward for a nursing home abuse case is now serving a decade-long prison sentence for his part in the illegal activity, which may give those with loved ones in nursing homes hope that this type of issue is not a common one.

Nursing home supervisor involvement

The nursing home operator in this particular case claimed he did nothing wrong and does not face any charges currently. Whether such an individual would try to bribe lawmakers to look the other way in an abuse or neglect case likely depends on character and may happen behind the scenes more often than the general public knows.

The former state senator’s retrial begins the first week of October. He currently faces no new charges.