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Why Understaffing Is An Increasing Problem In Nursing Homes

by | Oct 21, 2021 | Firm News

The repercussions of understaffing can impact many day-to-day operations in a nursing home.

Due to recent global factors, many workers may quit or leave their jobs. This change leads to an increased likelihood that older residents will need extra care in order to not face the consequences of neglect.

Insufficient Pay

According to ABC News, one factor that leads many staff members to seek out other workplaces is a lack of competitive pay. Senior living communities, in particular, may struggle to keep workers for the long-term because other equivalently paying jobs, such as helping run a store, are not as dangerous to work at.

Even when a facility offers a slightly higher wage, other stores or businesses around the area may also raise their wages as well. This creates an issue where the risk of sickness is not worth the pay offered. Some people may also choose to go work at hospitals or other places in the medical field that pay more.

Danger of Sickness

The physical demands and risk of potential infection can lead health workers to seek other areas of employment. Since nursing homes require a lot of hands-on work with people who may not be fully healthy, it can lead to worries for staff about whether or not they may get sick.

Even if staffing agencies attempt to fill the empty spots, the same problem generally occurs. Many other industries with the same level of risk offer a higher salary or more benefits in order to entice people to work for them. Understaffing in nursing homes is a worry for both the remaining staff and the elderly residents.