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4 mistakes to avoid when pursuing a nursing home abuse or neglect claim

by | Oct 19, 2021 | Uncategorized

Elderly loved ones rely on their relatives who visit them to prevent harmful situations from developing. Visits to older relatives, especially those who reside in nursing homes, may make a difference in keeping them safe and well cared for.

Remedying abuse or neglect affecting a relative residing in a nursing home may require legal action. Residents’ families may, however, make one or more of these four common mistakes when pursuing a claim.

Not calling 911 or getting appropriate medical attention

If a facility resident shows signs of abuse or neglect, relatives may not always consider contacting local law enforcement. Local officials may involve Adult Protective Services. A trip to an emergency room may also provide an objective exam that uncovers signs of mistreatment.

Accepting the facility’s response when they say “it was just an accident”

As reported by PBS News, the number of patient deaths at nursing homes each month reaches into the thousands. Understaffing may contribute to residents not receiving food, medicines or personal care. To prevent complaints to federal authorities, a facility’s employees may claim that a neglected resident experienced “an accident.”

Not documenting the details

Several types of documented information may serve as evidence to show the court that neglect or abuse occurred. As noted by U.S. News, documenting events with a mobile device may help prove to the court that a loved one experienced harm or mistreatment.

Not contacting an experienced attorney

If an elderly loved one’s mistreatment requires legal action to remedy a facility’s abuse or neglect, relatives might make the mistake of contacting an attorney inexperienced in matters involving nursing homes. A knowledgeable and aggressive legal team, however, may play a vital role in pursuing a successful claim.