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Reddick Law Attorneys Prevail in Nursing Home Lawsuit

by | Jun 14, 2016 | Firm News

jury awarded Sophia Alcon’s family $5.5 million, possibly a record in Pueblo district courts, on May 13 after the woman died from complications related to what plaintiff attorneys characterized as “repeated instances of abuse and neglect.”

“I think people need to understand and see these cases because they’re particularly volatile in the hearts of jurors,” attorney Brent Moss said. “The verdict is historic in terms of Pueblo, but you see these cases all across the country. Jurors get offended when you don’t care of older and infirm adults.”

Moss, based in Denver and a founding principal of Reddick Law, represented the Alcon family along with partner Brian Reddick and Robert Francis from the firm’s Arkansas office. Kevin Kuhn, Michele Choe and Nick Boeving of Wheeler Trigg O’Donnell in Denver represented the defendants.

“The Alcon v. Life Care Center of Pueblo case is active and far from over,” Kuhn said in a statement to Law Week. “We are in the process of appealing this case, and we feel confident in our appellate arguments.”