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How to beat social media addiction

by | Jul 28, 2023 | Social Media Addiction

Buoyed by apps deliberately designed to keep users engaged, social media addiction is on the rise. When someone becomes irritated when they cannot access the social media platform of their choice or uses social media to the detriment of their academic or professional obligations, they might have a social media addiction.

Here are some ways that young people and others can beat social media addiction.

Designate social media time

Having a certain time of day dedicated to social media can make it less tempting to scroll through those apps at other times of the day. Utilize smartphone settings that let users know when their social media time is about to go over a set number of minutes.

Quit cold turkey

Some people find it difficult to moderate their consumption of social media. In those cases, it might be beneficial to deactivate their social media accounts for the time being. It does not have to be permanent; rather, it can be a break they can return to when they are in a healthier mindset.

Set in-person dates

If someone interacts with real-life friends on social media, make a point to see those friends in person more often. If this is not the case, they might consider spending more of their downtime doing something that does not require the use of a computer or smartphone.

It can be difficult for some people to cut social media consumption. However, if social media is having negative effects on one’s life, cutting consumption will prove to be advantageous.