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How serious is the caregiver shortage?

by | Feb 11, 2022 | Firm News

Whether you are visiting your doctor, shopping at the grocery store or dining in your favorite restaurant, you have probably seen more than one help wanted sign. This makes sense, as Americans are quitting their jobs in record numbers, according to reporting from USA Today.

The great resignation has affected virtually every segment of the economy, including caregivers and nursing homes. Consequently, if you need to move your elderly parents into a nursing home, you may have trouble finding one that has the staffing necessary to meet their needs.

A health care crisis is on the horizon

Even if massive numbers of workers were not leaving their jobs, there would be a need for more health care workers. After all, according to Home Health Care News, approximately 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 every single day.

Among the aging population, nearly 70% require long-term care. If caregivers do not become available, the U.S. faces a looming crisis where aging Americans simply do not have access to the care they need to survive.

The numbers are not looking good

The report from Home Health Care News predicts a national shortage of caregivers over the next two decades.

In fact, by 2030, the estimated shortfall is 151,000. That number worsens to a shortage of 355,00 caregivers by 2040. Fortunately, there may be some ways to close the gap. These include increasing caregiver wages, adding incentives and providing low-cost or free education and training opportunities.

Because many nursing homes do not have enough staff to provide adequate care to their residents, it is critical for you to keep a close eye on your parents. Ultimately, if you think your mother and father have experienced abuse or neglect, you may need to take legal action.