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When The Unthinkable Happens In A Nursing Home

No one wants to believe that sexual assault in nursing homes happens. But the truth is it can and does happen in the places and by the people we trust. If you suspect or know that your elderly loved one has been the victim of a sex crime, it’s time to speak to the police and a personal injury attorney who handles nursing home sexual assault cases.

At Reddick Law, we take sexual misconduct and assault seriously. We also offer compassionate support and guidance for you and your family after such a traumatic event. Not sure what to do? Call 877-930-2080 to speak with a member of our team in a free consultation.

Understanding What Sexual Assault Is

Many nursing home residents are in a nursing home because they cannot care for themselves. Memory care facilities specialize in providing for the needs of people who have serious cognitive issues. This means that these people are unable to give consent to sexual acts. Memory care residents, those who are suffering from Alzheimer’s or another form of memory loss or dementia, are particularly vulnerable. Sexual abuse can involve a broad range of behavior, and can happen to men and women alike. Sexual assault can involve:

  • Unwanted touching of the genitals or of any part of the body
  • Rape, including sodomy
  • Taking naked or sexual pictures of the resident
  • Any type of verbal or physical sexual harassment, including taunting and teasing

If you suspect or have witnessed sexual assault, make a record of what happened: either write it down as soon as possible or record a video of anything that is not right. This is important. You should also file a report with the facility director. If you witnessed a staff member sexually assault a resident, call the police first. Involving the police will work to ensure no one else is assaulted.

Who Commits Sexual Assault?

The majority of sexual assault perpetrators are staff members. However, there are other people who have access to residents. A sexual assault in a nursing home can be done by:

  • Staff members
  • Visitors
  • Vendors (third parties who provide services to the facility)
  • Other residents

Our elderly loved ones are vulnerable. It is the duty of the nursing home to provide a safe place for residents to live. This is what they promised to do and have been paid to provide. It is also the staff’s duty to protect residents from other residents. If the staff is allowing abuse to happen within the nursing home, the staff is liable for this.

Is Your Family Member A Victim? Here Are Five Signs Of Sexual Abuse Or Assault.

Sexual assault can be physical, verbal or both. Because many people in nursing home and memory care facilities are unable to articulate what happened, it’s important to watch for signs that something is wrong. Here are some signs that sexual abuse has happened or is happening:

  1. Urinary tract infections (UTIs) or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  2. Bruises or marks on the breast, thighs, buttocks or genitals, not to be confused with pressure sores
  3. Genital or anal bleeding
  4. Clothes that are ripped, bloody or that show signs of a struggle
  5. Showing fear of another resident, visitor or staff member

Adults who have been victimized will frequently become withdrawn or fearful. They may have trouble sitting. They may try to physically protect themselves, for example, wearing layers of clothing or crossing their body with their arms.

We Provide A Compassionate Legal Representation For You And Your Loved One

At Reddick Law, we listen. With decades of experience, we understand the full scope of issues and abuses that unfortunately take place in nursing homes. We are here to help. We offer compassionate and stalwart guidance and support to families who have experienced the traumatic sexual abuse of an elderly loved one. We offer advice and counsel in these cases, and will hold those responsible accountable. When warranted, we will pursue financial compensation.

Our experienced team of nursing home abuse and injury attorneys helps people nationwide. If your loved one is hurting, we can help. Set up a free meeting to discuss your issue. Call 877-930-2080 or connect with us via our website email form. As attorneys committed to our personal injury victims, we have recovered over $1 billion for our clients.