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Our elderly are among the most vulnerable citizens in our society. We entrust their safety and wellbeing to professionals who are supposed to be dedicated to their care. Unfortunately, those professionals and the facilities they work for often fail to fulfill their duty to elderly people.

Elders are routinely the victims of financial, physical, emotional and sexual abuse and neglect in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other similar facilities. To make matters worse, elderly people may not be able to speak up for themselves and accuse those who have hurt them. The emotional and physical toll on the victim and their family can be devastating.

At Reddick Law, we have spent decades building a reputation for protecting our nation’s elderly community. With law offices in Little Rock, Santa Fe and Denver, we handle nursing home neglect and abuse claims from coast to coast. Our lawyers have recovered more than $1 billion for victims in these cases, so you can be confident in our ability to get results for you. Call 877-930-2080 for a free consultation.

This Is Why The Nursing Home Reform Act Was Created

The Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987 (NHRA) was created to protect the elderly from mistreatment, abuse and neglect. This collection of laws and the regulations that accompany them define standards of care for nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

The NHRA requires that each patient be provided with an individual care plan, nursing and social services, medical and pharmaceutical care, dietary/nutritional services, rehabilitative services, daily hygiene, and assistance with all activities of daily living. The goal of this legislation is to ensure that nursing home staff and owners will take care to provide a safe environment that will promote the health and well-being of the home’s residents.

When the nursing home does not meet this standard, and their negligence or wrongful actions lead to injury or illness among residents, the nursing home is guilty of nursing home abuse. Unfortunately, despite new legislation and the efforts of individuals to hold nursing homes to the requisite standard of care, elder abuse is still a tremendous problem.

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Our Attorneys Handle All Types Of Nursing Home Claims

Our law firm handles nursing home abuse and neglect claims involving:

These are just some of the most common forms of elderly abuse or neglect. Our experience means we have seen just about every possible way that residents can be hurt in nursing homes. If you need help identifying whether an injury or death was the result of nursing home abuse or neglect, we are here for you and your family.

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