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Why Choose Reddick Law?

The answer to this question is rooted within our team, our values, our experience, and our results. Since our inception in 2009, excellence has been the unwavering standard in every area of our practice. Reddick Law is comprised of a team of attorneys and staff that are as talented and creative as they are knowledgeable and experienced. With Reddick Law, you can expect representation with equal parts grit and finesse. Our cases are personal to us, and we are deeply honored by the trust our clients bestow us. Every day, we hear tragic stories of abuse, neglect, injury, and death. We understand the courage it takes to contact an attorney. At Reddick Law, your pain, frustration, and sadness will be matched with compassion, reassurance, and guidance. Through honesty, transparency, and effective communication, we foster meaningful relationships with our clients that are essential to a successful outcome. Our firm prioritizes being efficient and aggressive which are critical components of the relentless, top tier representation that we pride ourselves on, and the kind of representation that you deserve.

At the end of the day, we know that nothing can take away your pain or replace the void a loved one has left behind. As your attorneys, our job is twofold. Our first job is to get you answers. After experiencing a life-changing tragedy, our clients want to know how it happened and who is responsible for it. Reddick Law is equipped with attorneys, staff, nurses, doctors, experts, and investigators who are professionals at finding answers buried within massive quantities of complex information. Armed with state-of-the-art technology and some of the sharpest legal minds in the business, we leave no stone left unturned when it comes to uncovering an explanation for our clients. With over 30 years of experience, we’ve seen every trick in the book – nothing gets by us.

Our second job is to get you justice. Justice is commonly understood as holding someone or something accountable for their actions that have resulted in harm to others. But what exactly does that accountability look like? In today’s world, the most effective method of punishing big corporations who prioritize profits over people, or someone who causes irreparable damage to another, is to force them to compensate those they have wronged through monetary means. Our legal system is imperfect; however, it is still the greatest legal system in the world. There are few places in the world where an injured party can sit next to the largest, richest, most powerful companies in the world and ask a jury of their peers to hold them responsible for their actions and conduct.

At Reddick Law, we have the resources, expertise, talent, and determination to maximize the remedies available to us to their fullest extent. Big cases require big verdict law firms. Often, big problems require big damage awards. With an unmatched track record stretching across three decades, an elite team of attorneys at the apex of the legal profession, and a proven ability to go toe-to-toe with the most powerful companies and individuals in the country, perhaps the most impactful commendation of our firm is the fact that other law firms trust us with their cases. We aren’t billboard lawyers, and you won’t find us on TV. Instead, you can find us working with the families we represent, or in the courtroom fighting for their rights.

Through three decades of tireless work, representing thousands of clients with success stories in the form of nearly $2,000,000,000 recovered on their behalf, we have dedicated our lives to this profession. Through tireless efforts, we continue our mission to improve the lives of our clients and make positive change in the world. We view our work as a calling and we hope that you will choose us to fight your fight.