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The benefit of people being able to see who owns a nursing home

by | May 6, 2023 | Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

When the time comes to find a nursing home for your loved one, you want peace of mind that they get the care they need and deserve. While easy to focus on the physical property and services, what happens behind the scenes plays just as vital of a role.

To help protect families, the government has made changes to make ownership of nursing homes more transparent. This change greatly impacts the potential care and cost that you and your family can expect.

Ensuring quality of care

While the U.S. has some non-profit facilities, for-profit businesses and organizations run the bulk of them. With money often serving as the most important bottom line over people, it often leads to worse care for patients. When operating a business for profit, companies focus on minimizing staff, services, benefits and other essentials vital for quality of life. A true picture of the management company and corporation behind it provides key financial information and a full picture of the ethics and values of a company.

Maximizing finances

Regardless of which facility works best for your loved one, it means spending a significant amount of money every month. While this type of care comes with a price tag, you deserve to know that the money spent goes where it should. One of the biggest issues revolves around the separation of the facility’s operations and building. Doing so may allow the parent company to inflate rent costs for the latter, as well as add on management fees and other expenses.

The move to nursing care comes with expenses and stresses for you and your family. Doing thorough research, including behind the scenes, may help ease the process.