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Is racism a problem in nursing homes?

by | Jan 4, 2023 | Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

The passage of time affects everyone. Gender, sexual orientation and other superficial attributes are immaterial. Often, there comes a day when the wisest decision is to put aging family members into nursing homes.

Those who make this choice expect their loved ones will receive quality care. The sad truth is that abuse transpires in plenty of assisted living facilities. Exacerbating the problem is the societal malady called racism.

What is the reality of racism in nursing homes?

America has a sordid history of discrimination. Any business within its borders must wrestle with the legacy of systemic prejudice. Nursing homes are no exception. Thus, Black patients may be subject to harmful treatment not inflicted on others.

Racism is not strictly the province of patient caretakers. Administrators can hold such attitudes as well. Nurses must deal with racism coming from higher-ups while executing their duties. Frustration stemming from this situation may lead to their delivering subpar care.

What are the potential outcomes of racism in nursing homes?

A caretaker holding animosity toward a patient may be guilty of ethical transgressions. It is not unheard of for slapping and hitting to occur. Passive-aggressive moves include withholding food and failing to check bedsores. Verbal abuse remains especially pernicious, as an accuser needs evidence on tape. In other cases, patients become the targets of financial exploitation.

Racism has no place in civilized society, especially within nursing homes. Its continued existence poses a distinct danger to residents. Filing a lawsuit may be necessary to correct mistreatment and deliver justice.